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Adoptable Dogs 

Saving lives, Building Families. 

Are you ready to meet the love of your life? 

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Meet Shellie!

  • Female, 45 lbs 

  • Good with dogs, not recommended with cats 

  • Up-to-date with routine shots

  • Adoption Fee $175.00

Shellie was pulled from the local pound therefore we do not know much about her. Estimated birthday in March 2022. She appears to have Boxer traits by jumping around and wiggling her back end. She is learning a few simple commands. Sit, stay. Get back and she is ok on a leash except she prefers to carry the leash. She does play fetch and brings the toy back to the thrower. She is very sweet but has lots of energy. Due to Shellie's energy level, she has been under a trainer since October and is not recommended with young children because of her hyper ways. She does fine with other dogs but seems to be to hyper for them. Other dogs do not understand her energy level.  She needs to be monitored with other dogs to keep from a negative situation to appear. It is recommended to keep Shellie on a tight training schedule and a fenced yard for Shellie to get her energy out. She is in a kennel at night and does not potty inside. She is not afraid of much, including the lawn mower. She does like to be with her people and will bark some when left alone. She rides well in a vehicle while in a crate. If you have lots of time to help Shellie learn to calm down, she will make a great companion.


Shellie has been dewormed, microchipped, free of external parasites and has received the Distemper-Parvo combination vaccine.  Since he is not yet spayed, Shellie is not available for adoption outside of the counties contiguous to Bedford County.


Meet Sioux!

  • Female, 75 lbs, 2 years old 

  • Good with dogs and kids

  • Up-to-date with routine shots

This is a courtesy post. Sioux is not in foster care with Bedford Humane Society. Bedford Humane Society is only helping her owners by taking applications for Sioux.

Sioux was adopted from Bedford Humane Society last Spring to a great home. Through no fault of Sioux, she is looking to be re-homed due to family life changes. Sometime unexpected things happen and people have to make adjustments.

Meet Sioux. She is a 75 lbs 2-year-old mix who has boxer and pointer traits by her high energy levels and prey drive. Sioux is crate trained, potty trained, loose leash trained, e-collar trained, and knows all of her basic commands. She is very sweet and loves all people and dogs but due to her hyper nature would not recommend a home with young children or cats. Sioux would thrive in a home with other dogs that match her size and energy level and a lot of space to run with a fenced in yard. A fenced in yard is a must for Sioux's new home. She requires a lot of exercise throughout the day to be fulfilled and be on her best behavior so someone who is very active and is willing to dedicate a couple of hours a day to her exercise and training would be ideal. As you can see in her pictures she loves adventures hiking and on the river. Her biggest struggle is impulse control and will require patience and the willingness to keep up with her training. Sioux is extremely smart, sweet, hardworking and thrives in a structured environment. She is eager to please and easy to fall in love with.


Meet Lillie!

  • Female, medium stature

  • Good with other dogs and children

  • Up-to-date with routine shots

Lillie is not in Foster Care with Bedford Humane Society. This is a courtesy post for a pet that needs to be rehomed. Lillie’s owners say she is a sweet girl and very smart, in fact she knows how to climb a four foot chain link fence! Lillie has a strong prey drive and would be best suited in a home and area/neighborhood without chickens. Lillie will require long daily walks on a leash or a watchful eye in a fenced (not chain link)back yard. She gets along with other dogs and children, and is fully house trained, and crate trained.

Lillie has been spayed, is up to date on her vaccinations, and is microchipped. A new owner will need to update 24 Pet Watch with their information.

For more information, please call the Bedford Humane Society at 540-586-6100, or fill out an adoption application.

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